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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Accidentally On Purpose ► Throwback Thursday

I'm not going back all that far for today's Throwback Thursday, just to the end of October. The 21st, to be exact, which is the day I had the accident in the Buick. 

Sometimes when looking back on an event, one can see all the incremental steps that led to it. However, that's only in retrospect. That's the Butterfly Effect for you. Nothing really happens in isolation.

Little could I have realized on the 21st of October that the accident would change everything for me. There was no way I could know how that falling domino would impact the one next to it, and the one next to that. Slowly, but surely, each domino fell against the next until I was faced with the inexorable decision to move the Not Now Silly Newsroom to Toronto, Canada, something I would have never contemplated on the night of the accident.

Have a Happy Throwback Thursday and DON'T FORGET to contribute to my Go Fund Me account for getting back home.