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Friday, October 2, 2015

Love Makes The World Go Round ► Unpacking The Writer

Reflections on the last month
Whew!!! It's been a whirlwind couple of months and it's long past time for another Unpacking The Writer.

As longtime readers of Not Now Silly know by now the Unpacking The Writer series is a monthly look at what's going on inside this writers head. This month I'll include my heart.

Last week, for Throwback Thursday, I wrote about my Nuptial Nostalgia Tour, a 2-week road trip in which I visited Toronto and Hamilton, cites I have lived in. Meanwhile, Pastor Kenny Responds to my latest Pastoral Letter called The Trunk Lost In Transit, which means all my gentle prodding to have a dialogue about God, Atheism, and the LGBT communities has paid off. There will be more to come in that series.

My numbers for the past 30 days. Click to enlarge.
Since the last Unpacking The Writer I've also written about Tuli Kupferberg, U-Roy, Yma Súmac, Arthur Godfrey, and Linton Kwesi Johnson for my newest series A Monday Musical Appreciation. Under the rubric of politics I've also written More Proof the Palin Family Are Liars and Grifters; taken a well-deserved slap at Bill "The Falafel King" O'Reilly; written about the day Frederick Douglass Escaped; and concocted a little thing called Donald Trump, Demagoguery, and The National Shrine of the Little Flower.

I've also written A Message to Facebookers, an effort to vanquish the trolls on my timeline; reported that Don Knotts Is Back in a highly anticipated Morgantown update; written about Murder and Morning Television; and launched Throwback Thursday with The Westerfield Journals.

It's been a very productive month. 

One of the statistics the Blogger platform returns to me is what search terms people have used to arrive at the Not Now Silly Newsroom. I always find this a weird, but interesting list. In the last month 2 people have arrived here by searching for "harris faulkner tit pictures." I'm sure they arrived disappointed, since there are none. (Not that I wouldn't want to see said pictures myself.) Two people have arrived here by searching "headly westerfield" and 2 by searching "where thevsidewalk [sic] ends headly wersterfield [sic]," which links to one of my more popular series on institutional racism in Coconut Grove.

I'm also celebrating an anniversary, of sorts. I've been writing Friday Fox Follies, my weekly column for PoliticusUSA, for a full year now. It's a challenge to write because it's carefully crafted by using the actual headlines found on the interwebs and put in prose form. It's a lot of fun (for me, at least) when it all comes together, but there are times it has to be forced more than others. In fact, as soon as I publish this post, I'll begin the next FFF column.

However, I've saved the biggest news for the very end: I fell in head over heels, madly, crazy in love. Incomprehensibly, it's been reciprocated and I am happier than I've been in many years.