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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Declaring Victory in The Johnny Dollar Wars

I hope I'm not being too hasty in declaring victory -- or suffering from hubris -- or reigniting long-dead embers.

In point of fact I waited a full 6 months to declare victory in The Johnny Dollar Wars. It was exactly 6 months ago when The Flying Monkey Squad stopped attacking me and my friends. Grayhammy's (aka Ashley Graham) last attack on me was July 2nd and his last tweet on this planet was July 4th, as far as I can tell. However, he's the Sock Puppet Whisperer [see below], so who really knows?

Since then: nothing but Radio Silence from The Flying Monkey Squad

This man devotes his life to defending Fox
and attacking people who expose Fox lies.
Of course, and as predicted, Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, stopped attacking me when Grayhammy did. I always knew that without his crazed sycophants, Ashley Graham chief among them, Mark Koldys wouldn't be brave enough to continue to cyber-bully me on his own. He usually sat back while Grayhammy attacked, and then retweeted or added a pithy [yeth, I'm lithping] comment. Rarely did he attack first and NEVER without his back-up.

HERE'S HOW I DID IT: To defeat my sworn enemy I developed a plan. It only took 2 months to succeed, which surprised me knowing how obsessively crazy they were. I thought it would take longer than it did.

First, in May, I collated all the previous chapters of Flying Monkey Squad Crazy into one handy Not Now Silly Action News Report™. Compiled into one web page, it was damning indictment of this former-Michigan Prosecuting Attorney's tactics. Even better, it was all truthful, documented, and verifiable, unlike the petty bullshit Ashley Graham was peddling about me.

The Johnny Dollar Wars was published on May 6th. No longer did I need to share the various chapters documenting their mendacious cyber-bullying. Now I could share a story arc that covered more than 3 years. It showed how crazily obsessive they were and made them look like a coterie of cyber-bullying high school girls. For my purposes it provided one handy URL to share on anti-social media. From then on, when I needed to show people what Shit Flinging Baboons looked like in their natural habitat, I'd share The Johnny Dollar Wars.

When I started sharing it with those at the Fox "News" Channel that Koldys has been trying to impress, the attacks against me started to taper off significantly. It made the Fox "News" defender look as crazy as he actually was. [Yeah, I know. It still makes me laugh that someone would spend his life defending Fox "News" from legitimate attacks.] That he exposed my alternative lifestyle in an attempt to defend Fox "News" was more than some Fox personalities could stand. I don't know what he told them in private, but I know what was said to me OFF THE RECORD whenever I shared the original screen grab.

After more than 3 years of relentless cyber-bullying, it took just 2 months for The Johnny Dollar Wars to pay off.

This doesn't mean that hostilities can't break out again. I might even be tempting fate by declaring victory. For all I know Ashley Graham is lurking in his cyber-camo, just waiting to fire up another one of his many sock puppets, some of which probably haven't even been discovered yet. There's Angie Simmoril, who joined The Johnny Dollar Depreciation Society. Angie is clearly just another one of Ashley Graham's sock puppets, and her Aurelius Project -- which I got to examine before the door was locked -- repeated many of the exact same attacks that Grayhammy posted on his Twitter timeline. [Here's a funny: I didn't even know it existed until a friend told me they found a site attacking me and my children.]

Another one of Grayhammy's sock puppets is josef tura, a Google+ profile that I didn't discover until last month, while doing an unrelated search. He also links to the Aurelius Project and posted exactly the same shit that Grayhammy posted. Just today I realized that josep tura is also on Twitter. Yet, he blocked me before I even knew he existed. How about that? Clearly Grayhammy again! Who else is that obsessive? And, crazy?

Because I'm not an obsessive cyber-stalker like Ashley Graham, these sites and sock puppets were in operation long before I even found them. It must have driven Ashley crazy waiting for me to react to something I hadn't seen. That's one of the funniest aspects of their obsessive cyber-bullying. They spent so much time and energy on it, but I was unaware of most of it until long after Ashley Graham got bored and those sock puppets were abandoned.

That's why I'm declaring victory in The Johnny Dollar Wars. The enemy withdrew from the field of battle before he totally ruined whatever reputation Mark Koldys hoped to retain.

Miscreant Mark in Miami
A Portrait of the Cyber-Bully as a Child

And, who can forget this snappy tune?