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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Loofah Lad's Attack Dog Jesse Watters Attacks LGBT Folk

The advantage of still photography is you can't hear his whining.
When Bill O'Reilly wants to annoy someone, he sends ambush producer Jesse Watters -- whose IMDB and Wiki bios are scanty at best -- to harass them with a camera and microphone. When Bill O'Reilly wants to annoy all of 'Merka, he airs another segment of Watters' World, the semi-regular Laugh Riot Video Package™ tricked up by Loofah Lad's One Man Flying Monkey Squad™. 

Jesse Watters' segments are based on the oldest trick in the tee vee book -- and I do mean old, and I do mean trick: Get people to make remarks on camera. During the editing process, just show the idiotic responces, with all intelligent comments left on the cutting room floor. Voila!!! Instant comedy. It never fails.