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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Day I Met Keith Emerson ► Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be

I told this story on my facebook wall and someone asked, "Why didn't you save that for your blog?" <facepalm> Of course!!! Here's a slightly edited version:

Over the years I've threatened to tell the story of meeting Keith Emerson in his living room in Nassau, Bahamas, way back in the '70s when I was a vacationing Rock and Roll journalist from Toronto. Now seems as good a time as any.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

The original Grumpy Cat, Mark Koldys
A sincere h/t to my innertube buddy (who wishes to remain anonymous) who always feels the need to fill me in whenever the Flying Monkey Squad™ -- Mark Koldys and Ashley Graham -- gets to tweeting about me again. 

I don't see these gems on my Twitter feed because I blocked The Flying Monkey Squad a year ago. Their circle jerks are boring and predictable.

However, every once in a while my electronic friend suggests I take a look. It's usually worth a glance to see what my Cyber-Stalking Bullies are up to. It's just not always worth writing about.

However, the most recent links sent to me demonstrate -- once again -- several things I have already pointed out, but bear repeating:
  • These crazy MoFos are truly obsessed with me. The Flying Monkey Squad could very well be my most faithful followers, and I have some pretty rabid followers;
  • My tweets and facebook postings are poured over, examined, and dissected. Then they are spit back out by the Flying Monkey Squad, as twisted as a Bush-choking pretzel;
  • There's nothing too trivial that the Flying Monkey Squad won't use to distort, twist, and lie in order to try and smear me;
  • Mark Koldys, aka Johnny Dollar, enables and cheers on Ashley Graham by retweeting just about every lie he sends out about me;
  • When they retweet me, or discuss me, I pick up a few new followers. Thanks for the free promotion, boys;
  • These people are truly sick fucks who will now accuse me of being obsessed because I have -- once again -- documented their Cyber-Stalking obsession.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

UPDATED: WebVee Guide ► Fun While It Lasted

Still waiting for that Friday morning conference call
I am no longer associated with WebVee Guide in any way, shape or form.

I felt WebVee Guide an interesting concept, which is why I joined up. However, I simply cannot recommend, or work with, people who are so paranoid that they'd accuse me of appropriating their images and other intellectual property in my tweets and blog post promoting their web site.

They sent me a cease and desist order. Really. It came from a lawyer, who is one of the owners.

And that was only one thing they were angry about. They thought my tweets were unfair because they drove traffic to this post (which has now been changed because LAWYER!). When I agreed to be their Feature Writer, I simply didn't realize they also hired out my tweets and my blog posts. I was still labouring under the presumption that my Twitter feed remained my own and I could use it however I wanted. I also assumed that they'd be delighted that I used my blog real estate (and my own time creating it) to a blog post promoting their site. I seemed to have misjudged.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Tribute To Fats Waller ► A Musical Appreciation

If Fats Waller had only written "Honeysuckle Rose" he would have been famous. If Fats Waller had only written "Ain't Misbehavin'" he would have been famous. If Fats Waller had only written "Squeeze Me" he would have been famous. If Fats Waller had only written "Jitterbug Waltz" he would have been famous. If Fats Waller had only written "(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue" he would have been famous.

Celebrating the joyous birthday of the greatest Stride piano player this country ever produced. Thomas "Fats" Waller was born on May 21, 1904, and died at the young age of 39. Yet in his time he copyrighted more than 400 tunes. He made money off some of them. Others he sold off cheap when he was hurting for cash. Some he lost completely. According to the WikiWackyWoo: