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Friday, March 29, 2013

Idle No More ► Happy Birthday Eric!

Say no more!
He's been a Python, a Rutle, a cartoon, a song writer, an author, a comedian, a hit Broadway playwright, and the comic relief at an Olympics ceremony. And he turns 70 today.

Whole episodes of Monty Python are available all over the place. Here's one with English subtitles for those who have trouble understanding English:

Dr. Carl Sagan wishes he could have explained it this simply:

Enjoy this Eric Idle Jukebox and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Marc D. Sarnoff: Trolleygate Hypocrite Takes A Bridge Too Far

I couldn't help but laugh at a recent quote from Emperor Marc D. Sarnoff, Commissioner of Miami's District 2. 

Marc (along with Mayor Tomas Regalado) is suing the Florida Department of Transportation over a "signature" bridge that the city thought it was getting before FDOT changed the design. Sarnoff thinks FDOT participated in a classic "bait and switch" getting approval for the "signature" bridge before switching to more mundane and cheaper design.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Skin In The Game; Part Two

A panorama of the Coconut Grove Village Council.
As we ended our last exciting episode (Part One of No Skin in the Game), I was leaving the Trolleygate protest in Coral Gables -- just as the protest signs were arriving. I was running to cover the Coconut Grove Village Council meeting, at which Trolleygate would be an agenda item. In hindsight I made the wrong choice.

During the drive I tried to place what I had seen into a context that I understood. That's when I decided to call this blog post No Skin In The Game. Nothing better explains the understandable apathy on the part of Coral Gables about Coconut Grove's problems. Coral Gables is 98% White and both literally and figuratively has no skin in the game.