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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Through The Gates Of Trolleygate

On Oak Avenue looking south towards Frow Avenue.
Yesterday I popped over to the construction site for the Coral Gables diesel bus maintenance garage, which is being foisted upon the residents of West Grove, to see how far along it's come since my last visit.

Noticing the gate was open, that's where I stood to take a series of pictures. Within a a few seconds a workman noticed me. He shouted to a foreman and gestured my way. The foreman started walking over, yelling at me in Spanish. When the message is "Get the fuck out of here" I don't need a translation. However, I stood my ground and continued to take pictures, but responded "No habla EspaƱol,"* which I find amusing for its internal contradiction.

"You have to leave! You can't stand there!"

"Yes I can. Draw a line between those gate posts. I am outside the line on the public sidewalk. You can't order me to leave."

As he closed the gate on my face instead, I asked him what he was afraid of. "I'm not afraid of anything," was his reply as he locked me outside the gate. That just forced me to take pictures over the top of the fence, just like I have done every other time I visited.

Hey, I didn't just fall off the diesel bus.

The gentleman on the left is the foreman who yelled at me.

In the pic above you can also see what will be the diesel bus entrances, which are located behind the structure. The gates (where I stood to take the pictures) will be approximately 200 feet west of the main street, Douglas, on residential streets. This will necessitate the diesel buses driving in and out on Oak and Frow Avenues. Whenever I visit this corner I see pedestrians -- mostly children -- all over the place, walking up and down these streets.

Frow and Douglas is a busy little corner with a lot of foot traffic, again a lot of children. The corner also serves as a convenient meeting place, and there always seems to be a few people standing around and talking. Diesel buses driving in and out will do little to enhance the neighbourhood.

As West Grove waits for the court to rule on its lawsuit, you can help by signing the Change.org petition.

Read more about Trolleygate here.

* This should not be construed as a slight against Spanish-speaking people. In this sitch-eee-ay-shun I am the dumb one. I only know one language. Besides, Spanish was spoken in this territory long before English-speakers arrived..