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Monday, January 7, 2013

Judge Not 12 ► Sticking To His Guns

Unretouched pic from my tee vee screen
As Libertarian Gun Control Hysteria™ diminished (slightly), Judge Nap was forced to take on other topics as well. However, having no creativity of his own, he resorts to falling back on tried and true memes.

Which is just as well for the Judge Not Research Team. As mentioned last week, I fired all of them and am training a child to do the job. His name is Larry. Or is it Robert? It doesn't matter because I pay him in cash, under the table, where I also tuck in his leg irons when the OSHA inspectors come.

So, take it away Larry. Or Robert:

Well, he would, wouldn't he?

HAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!!

Bonus points for the 1984 reference.

The headline is from Media Matters. If you ever needed any more proof that Judge Andy can turn any issue into a "Founding Fathers"issue? Just check out this gobbledygook:

Stocking up for the next Mayan Apocalypse.

When baseball bats with sights are outlawed, only outlaws will have baseball bats with sights.

When Freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will have Freedom. Think about it.

When press conferences on gun permit databases are outlawed, only outlaws will hold press conferences on gun permit databases.

Gee, Judge Nap, you weren't this critical of the GOP when Dubya was in power and starting illegal wars.

Judge Andy, you are a hypocrite. You went on the air and argued that the Freedom of Information Act was written before the technology existed to disseminate the information instantly. You further argued that maybe the law needs changing so the Freedom of Information Act cannot be used in this fashion again. However, Judge Hypocrite, this is the exact same argument that some who want tighter gun control laws have cited: "In the Founder's day, it took time to reload a musket. The Second Amendment was written before high-powered rifles and huge magazine clips came into being. One can't expect the Founders to have anticipated this kind of slaughter and maybe some reasonable restrictions might be appropriate." However, you support all the guns, all the time, Judge. What's up with that?

When posing as others is outlawed, only outlaws will pose as others. Think about it!

Note how the statistic has been narrowed to "rifles" as opposed to weapons or guns in general.

Call it a mercy killing.

He wanted to do that. However, Fox "News," Congress, and the 'Merkin people had a shit fit.

The stereotypical Fox "News" audience.

When the Constitution is outlawed, only outlaws will ratify a Constitution.
And that's how Judge Not ends, with a whimper not a roar.