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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Judge Not 7 ► This Week's Libertarian Lie

Unretouched pic of Judge Andy from my tee vee screen
Another week has passed, as has some more hot air from our favourite Libertarian, Judge "Andy" Andrew Napolitano, the resident Fox "News" Senior Judicial Analyst and Scaremonger.

I'm doing the best that I can, but once again Judge Nap fell down on his end of the bargain. I was only able to collect 27 posts from the Laughing Libertarian this week, which makes it that much harder to bring the Fox "News" Snark. However, it also makes it that much faster to compile Judge Not.

I need to take the good with the bad. So do you. Here's this week's Judge Not.

Unpacking The Writer ► First In A New Series

I started my professional career on a machine like this.
I still bang my keyboard as if it's a manual typewriter
and I wear off the most used letters within a year.
Welcome to the inaugural post of a new, occasional blog series that will look into the machinations of being a professional writer. Pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Last night I found dozens of files in a folder that was buried inside a folder, which was nested in another folder, that was interred deeply on the hard drive of my computer. I didn't realize I was still lugging this stuff around. It's not all that heavy.

It's a strange melange of files and contains a lot of crap, but there's also some wonderful stuff that would be called ephemera, if it were actually printed on paper. Some of it's fascinating; some is dross. There are angry letters, email from the early '90s, query letters to editors, articles I clipped and saved, research links, sketches for short stories, articles I started writing "on spec" but never found a place to publish, and some files that I don't even remember how they got there or who wrote them.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Musical Appreciation ► Thomas Edison Unveils First Phonograph

Edison with the 2nd model
of his phonograph in 1878
He invented the stock ticker, a mechanical voting machine, batteries for electric cars, motion pictures, not to mention the electric light bulb and electric power distribution. However, nothing Thomas Alva Edison invented has brought more pleasure to more people than the phonograph.

Edison demonstrated his first phonograph, a word he also invented, on this day in 1877. Edison was not trying to invent a phonograph when he came upon the inspiration. He was trying to improve the high technology of his day, the telegraph transmitter. However, he noticed that when the paper tape was moved through the transmitter at high speed, it sounded a bit like human speech. This led him to begin experimenting with a hard needle to etch sound waves into a rotating cylinder covered with a thick tin foil. Voila! An invention is born.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Musical Appreciation ► Happy Birthday, Berry Gordy, Jr.

The Motown Museum in 2010, taken by author.
Dateline November 28, 1929 - Berry Gordy, Jr. is born in Detroit, Michigan, the city he would later rename Motown.

The broad contours of Gordy's life are well-known: He was the 7th of 8 children born to Berry Gordy II and Bertha Fuller Gordy, who had come up to Detroit in the early '20s to work in the car business. Berry dropped out of school and opted for a career as a boxer, which he abandoned when he was drafted for service in Korea. When he returned from the service, he started writing songs. His first hit was "Reet Petite" for Jackie Wilson, which started Gordy off in show biz. After a few more songwriting credits, which include the smash "Lonely Teardrops," he decided to try his hand at producing. He found a Detroit Doo Wop group called The Matadors, renamed The Miracles, which started Gordy's roster of artists.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fox "News" Spin Cycle ► Episode 27

Bizarro is owned by DC Comics
It's been tough going lately for Fox "News." No sooner had it lost the election for Mendacious Mitt, its whole Benghazi Conspiracy Theory started to fall apart. If that wasn't bad enough, MSNBC started to smoke Fox in the ratings.

However, as the week began Fox "News" still thought it had the White House and the Nielson Ratings cornered. By week's end, Senator John McCain was hilariously left twisting in the wind after repeating his Fox "News" created smears (he didn't build that) of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. All he could do on the weekend talk shows was his best Jackie Gleason impression: "Humina humina humina."

Monday, November 26, 2012

Unpacking The Aunty Em Ericann Blog ► Shit Just Got Real

Pictures in the public domain stitched together by author
From time to time I like to unpeel the onion and reveal a bit of what it takes to put this blog together. I call the series "Unpacking The Aunty Em Ericann Blog," Aunty Em being my nom de plume when I was writing at NewsHounds.

However, as I have explained to my faithful readers, this series has always been nothing more than an excuse to find clever ways to beg my readers to click on an advert or two (in the right-hand column) while they are here. When someone clicks on an advert, I get a few pennies . . . and I do mean "a few." Finding clever ways to get my readers to click on the adverts has become more crucial than ever. Yesterday I learned two things simultaneously:

Judge Not 6 ► This Week's Pop Quiz

"Give your tired, poor snark to the
huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
Each week, as my Judge Not series has grown in popularity, Judge Nap's output has declined considerably.  I sure hope I have not been inhibiting him.

Judge Nap knows the only reason I spun him off into his own HIGH-LARRY-US sitcom/blog series was because he was so damned prolific. When compiling screen caps for The Fox "News" Spin Cycle, Judge Nap was the single most verbose Foxite, with more than 100 posts in one week, which was a third of the output of everyone else at the station combined. That's why this Fox Snark Series™ seemed like a good idea. Comedy gold.