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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Musical Interlude - The Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains

This is such a great video. The SMiLE Sessions is hours and hours of tape from the never-released masterpiece SMiLE by The Beach Boys, who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year.

 This is how Brian Wilson always wanted Heroes and Villains to play.

Stephen Colbert at the Time 100's Most Influential Dinner

Time Magazine held its annual 100 Most Influential chicken dinner. As usual Stephen Colbert was the most influential, delivering some hard truthinesswith his bon mots.

"Of course, all of us should be honored to be listed on the TIME 100 alongside the two men who will be slugging it out in the fall:  President Obama, and the man who would defeat him, David Koch.

Give it up everybody.  David Koch.

Little known fact -- David, nice to see you again, sir.

Little known fact, David's brother Charles Koch is actually even more influential.  Charles pledged $40 million to defeat President Obama, David only $20 million.  That's kind of cheap, Dave.

Sure, he's all for buying the elections, but when the bill for democracy comes up, Dave's always in the men's room.  I'm sorry, I must have left Wisconsin in my other coat.

I was particularly excited to meet David Koch earlier tonight because I have a Super PAC, Colbert Super PAC, and I am -- thank you, thank you -- and I am happy to announce Mr. Koch has pledged $5 million to my Super PAC.  And the great thing is, thanks to federal election law, there's no way for you to ever know whether that's a joke.

By the way, if David Koch likes his waiter tonight, he will be your next congressman."

Jon Stewart Does It Again - The Rupert Murdoch Edition

The writers at the Daily Show have a way of taking rather a complex story and boiling it down to its essence and humorous possibilities. This week I watched the hearings live on CSPAN2. I could have saved myself all those hours by just watching this:

"Don't shit on my chest and say it's Vegemite."

UPDATE: I'm having trouble getting the video to load.

Today In History - April 28 - Muhammad Ali

DATELINE 1967 - Muhammad Ali refuses induction into the U.S. Army as a Conscientious Objector. The former-Cassius Clay, Ali converted to Islam in 1964.  When Uncle Sam called him up he's quoted to have said, "I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong" and to prove it he refused to serve. He was stripped of his title, convicted of draft evasion, and sentenced to five years in prison.  Ali stayed out of jail on appeal and eventually the Supreme Court overturned his conviction and he went on to win more fights by hitting people he had a quarrel with.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Unpacking My Detroit - Part One

This is the first in a continuing series about Detroit, Michigan, my home town. I believe Detroit is emblematic of everything wrong with 'Merka. At one time Detroit was the 5th largest city in these here United States. Overnight in the '40s, Motown became the Arsenal of Democracy, building the machines that saved Truth, Justice, and the 'Merkin way for trash such as Rush, Fox "News" and Johnny Dollar.

Click to enlarge
Yesterday, while doing some research, I came across the following map of when the various parts of Detroit were annexed.  The diagonal line starting at the upper left (and which is really on a due east-west orientation) is the infamous 8 Mile, which was the dividing line between Detroit and the suburbs in 1926...and still is. [Coincidentally, 1926 is the year of Pops' birth, elsewhere.] The oldest parts of Detroit, are at the bottom of the map, on the river where settlement naturally started. Look further down to Canada, my adopted country. Windsor, Ontario [not labeled], Canada is the only Canadian city where one drives due north to get to 'Merka. As a teen I often took the shuttle bus to Windsor to be able to say I spent the day in another country.

I grew up in the orange shape in the upper-left hand corner, which was annexed in 1926. The line that extends south from the eastern edge of that block is Greenfield Road. My house was 0.5 miles from that intersection, which is right where Hard Core Pawn takes place. That building used to be the bowling alley where my mother played in her Wednesday afternoon league. I spent so many hours there as a kid.

The Little House I Used To Live In
The area where I grew up was developed after the war and it had the designation "Madison Park" although that was apparently something only on a map because no one ever referred to it as such. Apparently the entire neighbourhood went up virtually overnight to help serve all those GIs coming back from the war.  This area, and many other parts of Detroit, were redlined, a practice begun by the Feds in the '30s that continues in various forms today. Redlining, in one of its forms, restricted Blacks and Jews from purchasing in certain neighbourhoods. This was just one factor that led to Detroit's eventually decline. This series will explore all the various ways in which Detroiters, Michiganders, and 'Merkins systematically destroyed the city that helped save 'Merka.

If you would like to share your stories or impressions of Detroit, please do.

Other entries in this series:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

Let's parse, shall we?

By "this guy" Mark Koldys is referring to the President of the United States of 'Merka. As if that's not bad enough, he's setting up a false equivalency between the POTUS and Steve Doocy, one of The Three Stooges on the Curvy Couch on Fox and Friends. Third, he never really made a correction.

Andy Kaufman ► Another Magical Tee Vee Moment

It's no exaggeration to say that Andy Kaufman changed the face of Stand Up comedy.  Apparently Andy didn't consider himself a comedian and called himself a "song and dance man." And dance he did. Using the audience as his partner, he waltzed us into one bizarre sitch-eee-ay-shun after another with one of the most inventive comedic acts ever.  During his lifetime he perpetrated so many media hoaxes that there are still people who believe he faked his 1984 death.  The best part of this, Andy's first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, is listening to Carson cackle in the background.

Rupert Murdoch Probed At Leveson Inquiry

There were some real knee-slappers from Rupert Murdoch in the continuing reality show called the Leveson Inquiries, known colloquially as Hackergate and Murdochgate.  Rupie actually said with a straight face, that he tried "very hard to set an example of ethical behavior..." and "I've never asked a prime minister for anything." Al Capone never asked for anything either.

Also, according to the LATimes: He also denied trying to advance his commercial interests through his newspapers, which in Britain include the Times of London and the bestselling Sun tabloid.   If not, then he's an idiot.  If he expects anyone to believe that, he's an even bigger idiot.

The Daily Beast well understood this was a sit down, stand up comedy routine: 
“I think we’re the only independent newspaper in the business,” he said at one point of the Sun, drawing another small round of laughter from the crowd, though this time it was clear that Murdoch wasn’t joking.
 Pass the popcorn. See also: The James Murdoch Defense: "I was out for smokes when it happened."

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

Just getting around to this one from yesterday.  Here's Johnny Dollar either being as dumb as a stump or being disingenuous:

Clearly someone at Fox News thought it was a bigger deal than J$ because they pushed Steve Doocy out in front of the camera to make a rare apology:

Having some fun now!!!

Martin and Lewis Reunion ► Another Magical Tee Vee Moment

Having not seen each other for 20 years after an acrimonious break up.

 Brought back together by the Chairman of the Board.

The James Murdoch Defense: "I was out for smokes when it happened."

QUESTION: When you raise your right hand and swear aren't you supposed to tell the truth?

Poppa Rupert testifies tomorrow.  The smart money's says he'll continue to stonewall.

Okay, I’ll Confess. I Love Bing Crosby!

People, who know that Dub Reggae is my favourite musical genre, and that I was also a ‘60s psychedelic, hard-driving, product of Detroit, are often surprised to learn that my favourite singer of all is Mr. Bing Crosby. Here’s something totally stupid and incomprehensible to whet your appetite while I try and convince you that Bing was best.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be - Billy Preston

I really miss Billy Preston.  While many musicians recorded with The Beatles, Preston is the only one ever given credit on the record label or liner notes.  That's because he was already a star with an international reputation.  Billy Preston had been a star since his childhood.  Here he is performing with Nat "King" Cole on the latter's national television show, a groundbreaking show for Blacks in 'Merka.

It needs saying: I miss Nat "King" Cole, too.

Let's talk music.

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys - Scumbag - Supreme Hypocrite

National Trufax has been scouring the internets for the best in Mark Koldys sheer-buffoonery.  Snagged a good one today.  Johnny Dollar tweeted out the following criticism of Martin Bashir.