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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Magical Tee Vee Moment ► KKKarl Rove Blunders Badly

While he's mostly as serious as a festering boil, there was unintended comedy from KKKarl Rove during the Fox "News" election coverage last night.

Rove was, once again, in the catbird's seat. Once again, Fox "News" was allowing him to spout election lies without ever once -- during the entire election cycle -- revealing his MASSIVE conflict of interest. For, you see, Rove's 2 SuperPACs spent an estimated $300,000,000.00 to influence the 2012 elections. Yet, Fox "News" neglected to mention that the billions of times that KKKarl Rove was on the network.

Last night, as KKKarl Rove was watched his money swirl around the bowl for the last time, he couldn't accept the inevitable. When the network called Ohio, the deciding state, for President Obama, KKKarl Rove's head finally exploded. He challenged the Fox "News" Decision Desk and demanded Fox "News" to get a second opinion, from the same people who made the 1st decision.

To quote Chris Wallace, who understood he was in the middle of a train wreck, "Awkward."

Not as awkward as doing what KKKarl Rove says. I guess if you're spending $300,000,000.00 to help Fox "News" elect Mendacious Mitt, it gives one certain liberties. Clearly you can call the shots.

However, it wouldn't be Bret Baier who will get a second opinion; it will be his blonde sidekick. Poor Megyn Kelly. She suddenly found herself on a Forced March, in which she was had to ad lib without a teleprompter. It wasn't pretty.

When Meggy finally arrived at the Brain Room Decision Desk, she challenged them as gently as possible. "Hey, hey, hey, kids. KKKarl says you're full of crap." The Katzenjammer Kids merely replied, as politely as possible, "Karl Rove is full of shit.

It must be watched to be believed. In Part I: KKKarl Challenges the orthodoxy; followed by Part II, in which Meggy takes her long, lonely walk.

Maybe there are some things that money cannot buy, KKKarl. That's why this is truly another magical tee vee moment.