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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!!!

I feel the most nostalgic for Canada on Canada Day.

One of the most famous Canadians is Captain Kirk...I mean, William Shatner:

However, he's not the only famous Canadian. Do you want it in alphabetical order with a great beat?

Only true Canadians watched that video to the very end. Mostly Canadians are known for their sense of humour.

The reason there are so many "I am Canadian" parodies is because that was a famous advertising slogan for beer, the thing against which all Canadian culture is still measured. 

However, as I like to point out to most of my Canadian friends and family: You all had no choice and were born Canadian. I chose Canada. Here I am getting my Canadian citizenship, a very meaningful moment for me.

This is the woman who made us swear to the Queen and all her heirs and assigns.
I should remember her name, but the day was a blur.

I think that was also the last time I was drunk, as my friends plied me with scotch on the rocks all night long at The Ben Wicks because it also happened to be the night of a Munch. Oh, Canada!!!