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Monday, June 18, 2012

Unpacking The Aunty Em Ericann Blog

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One of the cool things that Blogger gives a blogger like me is a bunch of stats. There's not a lot of ways to view the information, but within the statistics can be found some real information. F'rinstance, since starting this blog, here are the Top 10 countries where my visitors live:

United States [9,601 visitors]
Italy [1,420]
Canada [320]
United Kingdom [284]
Ireland [177]
Russia [168]
Germany [119]
France [67]
Australia [46]
Netherlands [32]

    This is information I find totally useless. It would make more sense to know who they are than what country they come from so I can ask them personally if they enjoyed their stay here and how much they think it was worth.

    However, this is info I found more useful:

    Pageviews by Browsers
    1. Firefox 9,336 (64%)
    2. Internet Explorer 3,472 (24%)
    3. Chrome 619 (4%)
    4. Safari 343 (2%)
    5. Mobile 296 (2%)
    6. Mobile Safari 214 (1%)
    7. Opera 71 (<1%)
    8. Instapaper 21 (<1%)
    9. BingPreview 4 (<1%)
    10. Maxthon 3 (<1%)
    It allowed me to see what the Aunty Em Ericann Blog looked like on other platforms.

    But wait! That's not all!!!

    Pageviews by Operating Systems
    1. Windows 8,782 (61%)
    2. Macintosh 4,731 (32%)
    3. iPhone 320 (2%)
    4. Android 217 (1%)
    5. Linux 144 (1%)
    6. iPad 115 (<1%)
    7. BlackBerry 41 (<1%)
    8. Other Unix 12 (<1%)
    9. Windows NT 6.1 8 (<1%)
    10. SymbianOS/9.3 2 (<1%)
    HA! There are operating systems on that list I have never heard of.

    As of this moment [1:29 PM DST; June 18, 2012] here are the Top Ten All Time Posts on my Aunty Em Ericann Blog:

    The Top Ten All Time Posts on the Aunty Em Ericann Blog

    257 Pageviews

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