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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day

It's been a while since I've posted one of these very popular Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar Comment of the Day, but I have been busy and, besides, I am far less obsessed with Markie K and the Sycophant Five than they are of all things NewsHounds. No matter, this silly thing crossed my Twitter feed today and it's easily the most HIGH-LARRY-US thing I've ever seen Johnny Dollar The Destroyer publish:

Now here's the irony: The reason this is funny is pretty much an inside NewsHounds joke, and I am sure they'll be laughing as soon as they see this. To try and explain would take hours.  Suffice to say:What makes me laugh the most about this is how Mark Koldys-Johnny Dollar is being patronizing to Julie because she's a former-NewsHound, who eventually left NH fold and sided with him. It's another indication of his obsession. Julie's defection was always incomprehensible to those of us who believe in CABLE NEWS TRUTH, unlike Johnny Dollar who defends Fox "News" lies under his rubric of...wait for it...CABLE NEWS TRUTH.

I've decided to follow LibDriscol. I'll have to let her know about how Johnny Dollar exposed my sex life along with my nom de plume because he's an evil, evil man, as is Grayhammy, his little puppet.

Hi, Julie. Long time no read!!!

If any of this made you curious about this media bun fight, here are two compendiums of all my posts from NewsHounds:The Early Posts - The Later Posts

Here's one last funny: NewsHounds migrated platforms, which is why there have to be two different NewsHound searches. NOW IT CAN BE REVEALED!!! The switchover was imperfect and is also the reason there are some odd gaps in the NewsHound archives. The cost to fix it was more than some thought it worth. However, the collective genius known as Markie K and the Sycophant Five came up with another of their whacked out NewsHounds Conspiracy Theories™ (like I was also using 3 other nom de plumes (sockpuppets), when the only name I was using online was Aunty Em Ericann). Those Mensa members over there decided that Ellen had scrubbed the archives to delete the posts that Johnny Dollar had challenged to whitewash the record and remove the evidence. Since J$ FALSELY challenges so many NH posts, there was bound to be some overlap between their NewsHounds Conspiracy Theory™ and these lost posts.

Keep inventing conspiracies, Markie K and the Sycophant Five. It keeps my readers amused.

BTW: The interest in the J$ book continues and one crazy sumnabitch thinks it's a movie. Who knows? People blow a lot of smoke, but I'll listen for a while. Like the lawyer who sees a contingency fee in it. Do I care that some ambulance chaser contacted me? Not if papers get filed. Those have to be answered. Right there it becomes win/win for me.

However, think about the irony: I could make Mark Koldys more famous than he's ever been, even as a former Michigan District Attorney.