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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today In History - April 29

There are two events of import on this day in history: President Richard Nixon released transcripts of the so-called Watergate Tapes; the Rodney King verdict was announced.and Los Angeles explodes in indignation.

Video created by author from still photographs
DATELINE 1972 - President Richard Nixon announced he would release transcripts of the secretly recorded conversations in the Oval Office.  This marked the real beginning of the end for Nixon.  The words "expletive deleted" became a national joke, made Nixon look petty and ugly, and the transcripts didn't satisfy the subpoenas.  The tapes would eventually be released, leading to the infamous 18 and a half minute gap and the smoking fun tape.  Nixon resigned the presidency on August 8, 1974. 

DATELINE 1992 - A jury in Simi Valley, California acquitted police officers of using excessive force in the beating of Rodney King, caught on tape and played in the media multiple times.  Despite that mostly White jurors voted "Not Guilty" and Los Angeles exploded in an orgy of anger, which turned to 3 days of looting and hooliganism.