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Thursday, April 19, 2012

On The Thread Where He Cyber-Raped Me, Johnny Dollar Edited Away My Mild Sarcasm

Last one for tonight, folks, I have a book review I'm writing.

Nothing proves better proves what a fucking little hypocrite worm of an indecent human being Johnny Dollar is than his edit of my comments on his blog.  On the thread where he cyber-raped me, and then threatened to do it again, he edited away some of my mild sarcasm of himself and his little cult of personality.



It is sad that a CABLE NEWS TRUTHER feels the need to pull such stunts.  Anyone who would cyber-rape another human over a vendetta with NewsHounds is capable of anything.  That's why I keep saying that Johnny Dollar is a dangerous man.  His actions, and continued actions, are beyond the pale.  As an ex-lawyer he has learned how to twist the truth and as a Fox "News" Defender he has learned the politics of personal destruction.  If he says anything about this at all, he'll insist I broke his rules.  The next step is to put people on Johnny Dollar Island when one refuses to answer a gotcha question.  I've been predicting all his actions all along the way.

Coward. Worm. Shyster Lawyer. Duplicitous blogger and Fox :News" defender.  There's your Johnny Dollar/Mark Koldys, folks.