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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Johnny Dollar Has Proven Himself To Be A Very Dangerous Person

Recently Ellen wrote about Johnny Dollar.  Today it’s my turn.  Mark Koldys, the psychopath* behind the Johnny Dollar brand, has published a very long post by GrayHammy that accuses me of: 1). Writing under a nom de plume; 2). Being a man; 3). Being a man named Headly Westerfield; 4). Being an elitist; and 5). Being the puppetmaster of anyone who tweets at him.  1). Duh!; 2). Yes; 3). Yes; 4). WTF?, 5). Double WTF?  However, why is Johnny Dollar dangerous?  Under the guise of his rubric of “CABLE NEWS TRUTH” he published GrayHammy’s long character assassination on his website, which exposed my alternative lifestyle.  Reprehensible.  Disgusting.  Beyond the pale.  And, we must ask: Why was this done?  Simply because I write for NewsHounds.  If it’s something that could potentially hurt NewsHounds, then why not destroy Headly Westerfield personally by all means necessary?  I’m merely the collateral damage in the years long war J$ has dishonestly fought against NewsHounds.  There was no other reason to expose things about me that have no relevance to my writing for NewHounds and there is nothing in that article that has any relevance to NewsHounds.  Johnny Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous person. 

The long post (which I won’t link to, but is there for all to see unless it has been changed or deleted. Screen caps all ‘round if needed) was written by GrayHammy, one of the sycophantic asslickers that hang out in Johnny Dollar’s sewer.  GrayHammy—who it must be said is hiding behind his own secret identity—sends dozens upon dozens of tweets to me and Alex ON A DAILY BASIS.  Here’s a link to the profile so you can see for yourself just one crazy, obsessive, cyber, stalking bully from the Johnny Dollar cult at work.  Now GrayHammy is only one of several that will pop over from the J$ sewer and shit all over our timelines, but he is the most persistent.  In fact, in his post he admits joining Twitter only to harass us with questions.  Why?  Because we write for NewsHounds and he’s in the Johnny Dollar cult of personal destruction.  Is another reason needed?  I collectively call them #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive and there are times that all of them are hitting all of us NewsHounds at once with tweets.  Yet, get this: In his post that demonstrates his obsessive stalking behaviour even better than his hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tweets, GrayHammy denies being an obsessed stalker.  Ironic, no?  I’m the only NewsHounder that hasn’t blocked those Dollarites due to their creepy stalking-like behaviour.  In his post GrayHammy gives me credit for that.  Ironic, no?  #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive are hilarious most of the time, and I have some good fun yanking their chains; there are entire Spotify playlists dedicated to them.  But there are times all I wanna do is tweet with friends.  Just ignoring #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive can be exhausting at times.  

Lest we lose sight of the primary mission: all this obsessive behaviour from the Johnny Dollar Cult is because they are defending Fox “News” against us terrible NewsHounds.  Therefore, in order to defend Fox “News,” GreyHammy put on his cyber-camo to creep and crawl around the innertubes to find shit I forgot was even out there.  It’s true what they say; it never goes away.  This was obviously a long project on the part of GreyHammy.  Look at all the meticulous research.  Read how he lays out all the clues—one after another—like it’s the final scene in a Perry Mason novel.  I’m a writer.  I know how much research and writing and editing went in to get this just right.  Then I read his P.S., his final AHA! moment when GrayHammy levels a new charge at me, one I’d never heard before in my entire life: I am a draft dodger who high-tailed it to Canada when the going got tough in the Vietnam war.  Of all the spurious smears Johnny Dollar and his crew of dead-enders have tried to slap on me, that’s the only one I will address.  However, ask yourself: Why would GrayHammy even go there?  Politics and NewsHounds again.  Today I tweeted out a NewsHounds post that exposed Ted Nugent as a self-admitted draft dodger.  This can’t stand.  My reputation must be destroyed in order to defend Fox “News’” and Sean Hannity’s favourite son, Ted Nugent. 

Anyway, here’s the truth in a nutshell: When I was 17 years old I made the same mistake a young Levi Johnston made and I got a girl pregnant.  She was Canadian.  I moved to Canada to marry the mother of my child.  End of story, except that I duly registered at my ‘local’ draft board at the United States Consulate on University Avenue in Toronto and was 100% copasetic with my draft board.  YAWN.

While GrayHammy did the legwork, he wasn’t the one who published this screed of personal destruction—this character assassination that has no NewsHound content.  Mark Koldys published it because he’s all about CABLE NEWS TRUTH, doncha know?  For reasons that only a psychopath might understand, Mark Koldys decided that this post of GrayHammy’s qualified as “CABLE NEWS TRUTH,” so he published it.  In doing so, Johnny Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous person.  I am left to answer any questions that family and friends may have.  There’s a group who argue politics on the patio of the local coffee shop who all know I write as Aunty Em.  I suppose I’ll have some explaining to do there, too.  Meanwhile, Mark Koldys/Johnny Dollar and his evil sycophants cackle in his comment thread how they got NewsHounds good by taking Aunty Em down.  But here’s the thing: This was exactly the reason I used a pen name.  I was fearful of writing about ‘Merkin politics and being stalked by crazies.  Johnny Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous person by exposing both my identity and my lifestyle. 

Here’s something else about Johnny Dollar’s sewer that I find interesting.  He only ever publishes linked headlines, unless it’s about NewsHounds.  Then he will do long posts that twist our words and spit them out in a way that make them resemble a fun house mirror.  His only reason to exist appears to be to tear down NewsHounds and he’s been at it a very long time now.  Ellen says he must be paid to be so devoted.  I think he’s just plain mean and crazy.  Yesterday, when he learned I was travelling to Michigan where he resides, he suggested we meet for “détente.”  Today he exposes me, leaving me without even a fig leaf of cover.  That’s clearly psychotic behaviour.  Johnny Dollar has proven himself to be a very dangerous person.  If he has paymasters, I hope they are proud of the Frankenstein monster they created.  Maybe he’ll get a bonus for this one. 

On a more personal note, as if this hasn’t been gut-wrenching enough: I sincerely apologize to all NewsHounds past and present and a special apology to Ellen Brodsky for any disgrace my private life may have brought upon NH.  I am here because I have always believed in the mission.  Just before I moved back to ‘Merka after 35 sane years in Canada, I decided to write about what I had seen happened to the land of my birth from media distance that eluded most in this country.  When my mother’s illness forced me to move back I started looking for a nom de plume because I knew the opposition have guns and are bat shit crazy.  I kept rejecting the name Aunty Em Ericann, but it kept making me laugh in a way that Phil Harmonic, Phyllis Stein, and Ben Dover didn’t.  I eventually gave in to the inevitable.  But here’s some more truth about me.  I am not anti ALL ‘Merkins.  Hell, some of my best friends and family are ‘Merkins.  I’m just anti-some ‘Merkins, like those who would actually cheer on this act of personal cruelty perpetrated by Johnny Dollar, aka Mark Koldys, aka the lead singer of #MarkieKandtheSycophantFive.  Considering what I have been through in the last 12 hours, I think the nom de plume was well-chosen. 

With all my love,
Headly Westerfield

* Not an actual diagnosis by an actual doctor, but I have eyes.